Coming Soon: Getting Lean – the book

Based on encouragement from readers, I’ve decided to undertake writing a short book on applying bootstrapping, customer development, and lean startup techniques to web startups. The book will cover practical techniques for iterating a web application to product/market fit and (like my blog) will build on the works of Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Dave McClure, […]

A First Look at Some Metrics Numbers

Last time I shared my conversion dashboard and promised some numbers. I don’t have all the numbers yet. But enough to start identifying some actionable next steps. First some tools discussion is in order I had been using Mixpanel and evaluating KISSmetrics for my metrics data. While I still see lots of possibilities using Mixpanel […]

How I am Measuring Product/Market Fit

I can summarize my last post with a strong call to action: Focus on Product/Market Fit First. Here I’ll be laying the groundwork for how I plan to measure and optimize the process of achieving product/market fit. Metrics are, of course, the answer. But I have spent enough cycles getting lost in Google Analytics’ numbers, […]

The First Thing That Matters: Product/Market Fit

After my last post on landing page (UVP) optimization, Nivi, from VentureHacks, pointed me at Sean Ellis’s blog and suggested that I might be better served achieving product/market fit before spending time on landing page optimization and positioning. While I completely agree that achieving product/market fit is the necessary prerequisite to kicking into growth mode, […]