Coming Soon: Getting Lean – the book

Based on encouragement from readers, I’ve decided to undertake writing a short book on applying bootstrapping, customer development, and lean startup techniques to web startups. The book will cover practical techniques for iterating a web application to product/market fit and (like my blog) will build on the works of Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Dave McClure, […]

Customer Development Checklist for My Web Startup – Part 2

I covered the Customer Discovery flow for my web startup in Part 1. Here I’ll be covering the next step: Customer Validation. At the end of Customer Discovery you should have identified a customer problem worth solving and started building your solution (MVP). During Customer Validation, you’ll test your finished MVP by selling it to […]

Customer Development Checklist for My Web Startup – Part 1

Last year, Steve Blank threw out a challenge to Lean Startup Circle members to update his customer development checklist (Appendix B in his book) for their specific business. His checklist is built for Enterprise Software which doesn’t readily translate to other types of startups including web startups (especially when you get to Customer Validation). After […]

The First Thing That Matters: Product/Market Fit

After my last post on landing page (UVP) optimization, Nivi, from VentureHacks, pointed me at Sean Ellis’s blog and suggested that I might be better served achieving product/market fit before spending time on landing page optimization and positioning. While I completely agree that achieving product/market fit is the necessary prerequisite to kicking into growth mode, […]

How I built my Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a key lean startup concept popularized by Eric Ries. The basic idea is to maximize validated learning for the least amount of effort. After all, why waste effort building out a product without first testing if it’s worth it. So for a new product idea or concept, what is […]