The Lean Stack – Part 2

Last time, I outlined the thought process behind the Lean Stack and provided a 3000-foot overview of the toolset. In this post, I’m going to dive a little deeper into the process flow and end with a concrete case-study.

The Lean Stack – Part 1

Even though running experiments is a key activity in Lean Startups, correctly defining, running, and tracking them is hard. After a few iterations and a lot of testing, we have developed a process that works for us and half a dozen other startups – something we’re calling a lean stack.

Spark59 Manifesto

In his book, The Lean Startup, Eric Ries describes the constant challenge entrepreneurs face between “Pivoting and Persevering”, but he doesn’t describe the even harder challenge of deciding when to hit the reset button.

The New and Updated Running Lean Book

I just submitted my final revisions to O’Reilly for the printed version of Running Lean which will come out in March 2012. While I had originally intended to just “tidy up” the PDF version for print, I realized earlier this year that a complete rewrite might be necessary which is exactly what I ended up doing.

How Yoga Made Me a Better Lean Startup Practitioner

I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for a little over 5 years now. My initial draw to Bikram wasn’t the pursuit of spirituality or the many health benefits, but simply finding an “efficient” exercise routine that I could fit into my busy schedule. Before Bikram, I used to frequent a gym, occasionally run, and meditate. Even at 90 mins a class, Bikram packed in a workout, meditation, and sauna in one. I gave it a shot and have been hooked ever since.

As my practice has deepened, I have drawn many parallels with my practice of yoga and my practice of entrepreneurship – particularly lean.

Case-Study: InfoChimps and Transitioning to Lean

Transitioning to Lean once you already have a product in the market (with some success) is inherently hard because you have to revisit the past and question that success against your original goals. Then make the hard “pivot versus persevere” decision. At this month’s Austin Lean Startup meetup, Tim Gasper, Jim England and Dhruv Bansal from Infochimps shared a great case-study on just that.

The 10x Product Launch

You’ve painstakingly defined and built an MVP through 100+ customer interviews. You’ve collected thousands of emails from potential prospects through a teaser page. You’re ready to launch. But…

The Simple Shapes of Startups

Inspired by the short lecture by Kurt Vonnegut on “the simple shapes of stories”, I thought it would be fun to sketch a few shapes of what starting up looks like.

Startups that succeed are those that manage to find a plan that works before running out of resources. While not the most valuable resource, money is like oxygen to your startup – too little and it dies, too much and it can explode. The key is setting yourself up with enough runway to make it through the “humps of iteration”.